Friday, August 26, 2011

Chain Reaction

If  you have read the Perfect Chemistry Series let me  tell you, you should start to ASAP! This series is just great. The books are well written, and catches your attention right away! This post is actually about the third book in the series Chain Reaction the most recent in the series. Luis Fuentes is the youngest in his family, he has the same attributes as his two older brothers, arrogant, confident, and really cute! The downside is that when Luis and his mom move back to Chicago they move into there old house that is in the Latino Blood Territory. Nikki is from the other side of the tracks, the good side. She has it all but one relationship has turned her sour towards boys, thinking that they are all jerks and she has a secret. Luis and Nikki bump heads, and don't get along very well. Do they end up together? Does Luis stay of of the Latino Blood? Does Nikki ever trust Luis?